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Right off the bat here I will let everyone know that the site, Where's Parker, is dedicated to the education leading to changing the laws in this country in regards to dog fighting, puppy mills, and all other forms of animal abuse which also includes the rounding up and genocide of feral cats and the blind eye toward education about the importance of spaying and neutering. . . . . Having witnessed court cases, I am sickened, disgusted, and angered at the lack of morality in this inept judicial system, and the apathy of all those associated with it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Puppy Killer Daniel Hopkins

Puppy Killer Daniel Hopkins Must Receive Maximum Penalty.

On April 18, Daniel Hopkins kicked his wife’s 11-month-old bulldog puppy, Pineapple, to death in a rage. Hopkins is now out on bond.

Please click and then sign the petition below.  Thank you.

Puppy Killer Daniel Hopkins Must Receive Maximum Penalty Petition | GoPetition


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Judge Thomas Gainer, JR & Keith Middleton

Well, I am now going to eat crow.

Keith Middleton, accused of throwing his girlfriend's four pound dog against a door, causing the death of this little dog, was found guilty of "Animal Cruelty".

The judge: Thomas Gainer, JR.

Well well.

Congratulations Judge Gainer. I must now take back most of the nasty things I have ever said about him.

I was shocked . . . pleasantly shocked. Judge Gainer couldn't have been more outraged at Middleton.

My hat is off to Judge Gainer.

Although the verdict was correct, it still doesn't meet with the crime. A murder was committed, but because it was a dog rather than a human being, it does not carry the same penalties. Animal Cruelty is a Class 4 offense. Barely a Felony. Most animal abuse cases are still under"Misdemeanor".

Class 3 Felony for animal cases is under the heading of "Torture". Very very few animal cases are ever tried as a Class 3 Felony. Furthermore, Class 3 is the maximum for any animal case. No Class 2, no Class 1, no Class X, and most certainly no Murder 1st Degree.

This must change!

Even those who don't believe animals deserve the same rights and protection as humans, must be educated to the FACT that those who commit heinous acts against animals also commit, or have, or will commit, the same heinous acts against humans. Statistics have shown this to be true over and over.

Again, my hat is off to Judge Thomas Gainer and all those who have, and continue to, fight for justice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Remember those puzzles when you were a kid, the drawings with the caption “What is wrong with this picture?” Was it hard to find what didn’t belong in the picture?

Well, I am about to give you a hint.

To begin:

Judge tosses arrest of cop accused in fatal DUI crash

--Daarel Burnette II and Rex W. Huppke

For more than two years, the families of two young men killed in a Thanksgiving Day collision with an off-duty Chicago police officer have fought to prove the officer was drunk and responsible for the deaths.

But Tuesday, a Cook County judge handed them their latest setback, saying the officer was arrested and detained without probable cause, a ruling the families fear guts the prosecution's case.

Circuit Judge Thomas Gainer ruled police had no probable cause to arrest off-duty Officer John Ardelean, 36.

The judge harshly criticized police Lt. John Magruder, who ordered Ardelean arrested a few hours after the crash when he said he detected alcohol on his breath and noticed bloodshot eyes.

A year ago Gainer was involved in another controversial ruling when he acquitted three Chicago police officers in an off-duty beating of several businessmen in a West Loop bar.

Ardelean initially was charged with misdemeanor drunken driving, but by January 2008 the charges were upgraded to felony counts of aggravated driving under the influence.

Prosecutors cited a video recording from a nightclub they said showed Ardelean drinking three beers and four shots in a little more than two hours. Shortly after that, his SUV slammed into the victims' car at Damen and Oakdale avenues while traveling more than 60 mph, authorities said.

The next month, a judge dismissed the charges, not convinced by a prosecution expert who calculated that Ardelean's blood-alcohol level at the time of the crash would have been above the legal threshold. He had been ordered by a superior to give a Breathalyzer test nearly eight hours after the crash, but Ardelean was well below the legal threshold.

By May 2008 prosecutors told the families they were dropping the investigation because of insufficient evidence.

But three months later, following pressure from the families and some politicians, the state's attorney's office reopened the probe after a video aired on TV showing a woman pouring a drink down Ardelean's throat and the officer grabbing a beer as he left Martini Ranch, a River North bar.

The next month, Ardelean was charged with two counts of reckless homicide and four counts of aggravated DUI.

The state's attorney's office said in a statement that prosecutors will review the judge's ruling and decide their next step.

Read the entire story at: http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2010/04/key-evidence-thrown-out-in-cops-dui-arrest.html

Judge Thomas Gainer, Jr. So with this ruling what should we expect from Judge Thomas Gainer, Jr when it comes to the case he is also presiding over regarding the murder of someone’s beloved tiny Shih Tzu dog.

Keith Middleton is accused of throwing his girlfriend’s little 4 pound dog against a door, causing head injuries resulting in having the little dog being put down.


Ah, but wait. It gets better. Judge Thomas Gainer, Jr has a history with Keith Middleton.

On September 28, 2009 Judge Thomas Gainer, Jr found Keith Middleton not guilty of battery charges.

The judge decided to believe Middleton’s story over the victim’s story.“Decided to believe” . . . That pretty much covers what happened.“Decided to believe” . . . Although the victim had no prior run-ins with the law and Middleton has had one rape, one drug conviction, and one weapons conviction, PLUS the upcoming the killing of a little four pound dog charge.

Judge Jr. Gainer projects his own “theories”. He should have gone into fiction writing . . . although he would have been a failure at that because his main character would be way too unlikable.

Up until this ruling of not guilty on the battery charge, Keith Middleton was in custody with a $170,000 bond.

Then came a bond hearing to reduce bond.

Middleton’s attorney asked for an I-Bond. The judge asked the ASA for a history. The ASA listed: One rape, one drug conviction, and one weapons conviction. Then she proceeded to explain about how Middleton killed the four pound dog by throwing it against a door. The ASA then handed the judge the paperwork on the protective order (keeping him away from his former girlfriend) served on Middleton, and yes, it is still in effect.

Without a beat, this judge, instantly, not exaggerating here, said: “Bail reduced.”

Why did mr. judge Jr Gainer even bother asking for Middleton’s history? It was dreadfully obvious he had already made up his mind. He just had to do it somewhat legally I suppose.

From a bond of $175,000 to $30,000 is a way of opening anotherrevolving door jail cell for someone else.

Keith Middleton was then released on bond. No sooner was Middleton out he was again arrested on another charge, but was again released on bond. Then he was arrested again on weapons charges. He is now, finally NOT out on bond.

The trial date for Keith Middleton, with regards to the murder of the little Shih Tzu dog, is set for Tuesday, December 14, 2010. Location, 26th and California, Room 302. Time, 9:30.

Judge Thomas Gainer, Jr will be presiding.

Just like those pictures we had as children. No matter how many times we were able to find what didn’t belong, the picture still remained the same.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Defense Attorney For "Browns Chicken" Murderer Is Now A Judge

There are many judges I could, and will in time, discuss. However, I have recently come across one that must be addressed immediately.

His name is Judge Clarence Burch.

Clarence Burch was the defense attorney for Juan Luna. Juan Luna? One of the murderers at the Brown’s Chicken Restaurant on January 8, 1993.

Now Clarence Burch has been awarded a bench in which he will be able to flaunt his talent at defending criminals.

Judge Clarence Burch is apparently blissfully ignorant of many of the attributes associated with criminals and the way criminals do business.

For instance. He recently presided over a case where 13 pit bulls were removed from an apartment. Two adult pits and 11 puppies. All in cages. Some of the puppies were dead.

Officers were called to the scene by the landlord. The fighting and crying of the dogs could be heard by the 16 year veteran Chicago Police Officer as this officer drove toward the building and before exiting the car.

The CPD officer (first on the scene) said neighbors were complaining that there were sounds of dogs fighting since 6:00 A.M. that day. The owner of the building was there and informed the officer that the defendant was in the process of moving because it had been discovered she had dogs, and dogs were not allowed in the building. The owner of the building gave the officer permission to enter the apartment by whatever means necessary.

Upon entering the premises the Animals Control officer stated that in the kitchen there was a cage with two adult pits fighting. There were also puppies in the cage with these two fighting dogs. The puppies were dead.

All Judge Clarence Burch wanted to hear was if entry to the defendants apartment was warranted.

He didn’t care at all about the conditions of the dogs.

Every time any question was presented to the officer about the condition of the dogs or the apartment, the public defender objected and Judge Clarence Burch sustained it.

Although the first officer on the scene followed protocol and called for Animal Care and Control, the defense argued that IF this was an emergency why didn’t the officer enter? Why did the officer wait 40 minuets for the Animal Control Officers to arrive?

(Who wants to bet that if the officer had entered the apartment, WITHOUT contacting Animal Care and Control, that the officer’s actions would have ALSO been wrong.)

Although the officer testified that the dogs could be heard yapping, fighting, whining, and crying as the officer drove up, even before the officer got out of the car, this wasn’t good enough for the judge.

Why? Because the officer entered the apartment AFTER the Animal Control Officers took out the two large pit bulls, and the officer testified that upon entering the apartment only the puppies were there, whining. . . . And to reiterate, the officer was NOT allowed to testify to the condition of the two adult dogs or the puppies, some that were dead.

Judge Clarence Burch said that there was no way that a mother and father dog could have been making noises similar to dogs fighting, as was described by the officer. The judge even said that the officer herself admitted that there was just “whining” from the puppies when she entered the apartment.

The “not guilty” defendant was laughing as she got on the elevator. Wonder how many more dogs she collected by that night? Think she or Judge Clarence Burch have lost any sleep thinking about those little dead puppies?

13 dogs in cages. Breeding pit bulls. What did the judge think these dogs were for? Either Judge Clarence Burch is beyond ignorant about the business of dog fighting, or more likely, he actually doesn’t give one rat’s ass about cruelty and death.

After all, he takes pride in defending murderers.

Clarence Burch has no right being on a judges bench.

He knows one side of the law, and he favors that side while wallowing in his stupidity and lake of desire for justice.

As a judge, Clarence Burch is a danger to society.

For more info on Burch and his role as a defense attorney:


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jail sentences for 2 in dog-fighting operation

Update on “Dogfighting Ring Run Out Of Daycare - Maywood, IL”

Martez Anderson, 38, Charles Sutton, 42, Lance Webb, 27

On 12/07/09 Sutton’s private attorney asked for a trial. The date is, Wednesday, January 13, 2010.1500 Maybrook, Maywood. Room 108

Yes, the courtroom and trial are open to the public. Please attend.

As for Anderson and Webb. On 12/07/09 Anderson and Webb were offered 2 years in DOC if they plead guilty. Anderson took it but Webb wanted a conference with the judge. The public defender for Webb came back with 1 year and the judge gave him 18 months.

Now, you might ask why would Anderson just agree to 2 years when Webb was asking for the conference. . . . . Anderson was hoping, because of time served, he would be out by New Years. Now, you may be asking why in the world would he think he would be out by New Years if he had only been in since September?

The answer. The ugly truth of our judicial system is that the defendants will not “actually” serve the amount of time that they have been given.

They will be out in a few months.


So what is the point?

Yes, this is one big game, and these criminals know how to play it.

At age 34, Anderson has FOUR previous convictions. At age 27 Webb has spent FIVE of those years incarcerated.

Family and friends were in court supporting Anderson and Webb.

Anyone listening to the details of the condition of the dogs and puppies that were rescued from these three men and then possibly think it justice that these men would EVER be allowed to walk the planet again must be insane. And the families if these men? How can they constantly fight for these men to continue their rampage of atrocities.

For the latest news coverage from WGN dated December 10, 2009:


Here is the original news coverage on this horrendous atrocity:

YouTube video from the day of the raid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS8aptp-Fd8

Follow-up story from the day of the bond hearing: http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2009/09/dogfighting-maywood-cook-county-sheriff-police-court-bond.html

Were is the public outrage now? I guess the public is too busy with toys for tots.


Sunday, November 29, 2009


So tell me, dose ANYONE remember this raid at an Englewood, Illinois house back in March 2009?

It was big headlines, big news . . . for about a minuet.

“Cruelty charges after raid finds 67 puppies”

Some 70 puppies were found today living in filthy, stacked bird cages in the West Englewood neighborhood, officials said.

"There are dogs running all over the place," said Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, who held an afternoon news conference outside the small home while holding a pair of shivering Chihuahua puppies in his hands. "I couldn't believe it: the chaos, the noise, the smell."

(Read the original story at: http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2009/03/suspected-puppy-mill-raided-on-south-side.html)

Since the news media has less attention span than a nat, I will give you the update. Are you ready?

On 11/04/09 the defendants, David Hayes and Demetria Newell Hayes were found NOT GUILTY.

A veterinarian, that David Hayes and Demetria Newell Hayes knew, reported that the dogs were in good shape. Other friends of theirs testified that they came in every day and cleaned cages and played with the dogs.

So the question (well, actually, one of many questions that should be asked) is why did the police bother raiding the house in the first place?

Maybe it was it because the neighbors called about the crying dogs and the smell coming from the house? Was it because when the officers arrived they found deplorable filthy conditions? Uh, like for instance, the dogs were in bird cages that were stacked on top of each other, feces and urine running down from one to the other? Or was it the dead dogs found in the back yard?

If these two individuals were NOT GUILTY of cruelty then why were the dogs seized and placed up for adoption?

Why we ask? Because these two individuals ARE guilty of cruelty and greed. They are also guilty of murder.

Ah, but not according to our legal system, and after all, if we learn how to work this broken, non justice judicial system, then morality becomes subjective.

The Animal Crimes Unit brings these despicable human being into the system hoping that their efforts will eventually lead to eliminating such atrocities. Unfortunately, the judges and lawyers make sure that the criminals against morality are allowed to continue their sociopathic behavior.

By the way, the judge for the David Hayes and Demetria Newell Hayes puppy mill case was Mauricio Araujo. . . . Just in case you happen to see his name on a ballot come re-election time.

Now here is a question for John Q Public. All those who go to the pet stores to BUY animals. Those who choose to turn their eyes and minds away because they don’t want to know where their cute little puppies come from.

How can you live your lives not caring that the animals you have in your home are a result of unspeakable torture? A result of the pain and constant fear and the deepest sadness a creature can experience.

And what eventually happens to these caged “parents” of all those cute little puppies in the pet stores?

The people who run puppy mills consider these dogs livestock. When they are no longer useful they kill them. Euthanize you say? No. Euthanasia is expensive. They break necks or bludgeon them. Then their bodies are then simply thrown into fire pits or dumpsters.

My hat is off to those, few and far between, rescuers that attempt to deal with some of these puppy mills. A few, VERY few, puppy mills have allowed the, few and far between, rescuers to take the dogs that are about to be killed. The lucky dogs are the ones that are 4 or 5 years old. Those probably don't have sever health issues yet and are adoptable. The unlucky ones are the ones the "breeders" keep until they are too old and ill (tumors etc).

Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.”

~ Albert Schweitzer

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dogfighting Ring Run Out of Daycare- Maywood, IL

Update on Martez Anderson, 38, Charles Sutton, 42, Lance Webb, 27

The three were arraigned on November 9, 2009. Sutton acquired a private attorney. A reduction in bail was filed and granted by Judge Tucker. The hearing was set for November 13, 2009.

On Friday, November 13, 2009 the judge reduced bail for all three, considerably.

Sutton, and Webb reduced from $500,000 to $100,000. Anderson, reduced from $500,000 to $150,000.

Hey, after all, this is only a Class 4 felony. And what is a Class 4 Felony? One step above a misdemeanor. Oh my, how can that be you ask? Torture and murder barely ranks a felony?

The fact: Most animal abuse cases are still considered a misdemeanor.

Another FACT: There are no charges in the state of Illinois for animal abuse/torture/murder that goes higher than Class 3 Felony.

Now, if we ever ever see that charge, it is usually reduced down to a Class 4. Then, of THOSE, very few are found guilty. The very few that are found guilty, or plea guilty, usually get only one year probation or supervision, which means nothing to them because all this is just part of their culture as well as part of their family life going back generations and subsequently being taught to future generations.

Now, back to Anderson, Sutton, and Webb:

Sutton’s private attorney said Sutton owns a house and his wife had a daycare in the house, but the daycare had been shut down. . . . (Well duh, people!!!! . . . The dog fighting was occurring on the same property as the the daycare business.) Anderson’s public defender sobbed about how Anderson had three kids. The same public defender represented Webb and explained how Webb was a good guy because he worked for PIT BULL RESCUE as well as other animal organizations, therefor, Webb, of course, could not be involved in dog fighting.

Webb worked for Pit Bull Rescue. Yep. This is what happens when those Pollyannas who believe if you let these people get involved with working with animals, training, rescuing, etc. that they become sensitive to the feelings of animals. . . Kind of like letting a pedophile work with kids. . . They sure know how to work the system, and many of those in the system. Wonder how many poor creatures have (and will) suffer at the hands of the fox that the farmer puts in charge of the hens. -

While I was attending a different dog abuse case I stepped into the hall to get a drink of water during one of the recesses. The defendant in that case was happily walking down the hall swinging her arms. (Yes, women are involved with animal abuse and dog fighting.) Another woman in the hall (who appeared to knew the defendant) asked the defendant “how did the investigation go yesterday” and what were the names of the investigator(s). I couldn’t hear all the conversation, but they were laughing and the defendant’s’ friend then said: “Yeah, I have so many subpoenas I can’t keep track either.”

Yep, it's all a big game and joke with them. They are in the right, the law is a nuisance, and the police are the enemy they have to fool. . . . . And the rest of us? We are of no consequence. A dying breed.

The criminals know how to work the system. They live outside the law, and morality is a subjective tool that applies only to them. Spending time in court is a way of life. Spending time in jail is merely a brief inconvenience, and a part of their culture.

For defense attorneys it is a bigger game. They care nothing about consequences. Empathy is a concept unknown to them. Causing further pain and anguish to victims is of no concern to them. Swelling their ego by being able to cleverly maneuver our bleeding heart laws to show their "intelligence" is a prize they wave proudly.

Want to win? It will not happen by playing fair.

We are drowning in our fairness.



There is ample free parking. See you there????

Here is a photo of Martez Anderson

When Martez Anderson's cell phone was reviewed a video showing a man burning a live dog to death.

Here is the news coverage on this horrendous atrocity:

YouTube video from the day of the raid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS8aptp-Fd8

Follow-up story from the day of the bond hearing: http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2009/09/dogfighting-maywood-cook-county-sheriff-police-court-bond.html